Alcoholism research paper conclusion

A good thing to do is to take away the car keys or simply call a cab. In a healthy adult, it weighs about 3 pounds and holds about thirteen percent of the body's blood supply.

Day treatment programs are so you can work counseling into schedule. Patients undergoing detox detoxificationwhich usually requires less than a week, usually stay in a specialized residential treatment facility or a special unit of a hospital. You are assured of top notch quality essay totally customized to your need.

The Old Testament refers to alcohol numerous times, and wine plays an important role in the rituals of many religions.

Alcoholism Research Paper

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It is a disease because once the drinker is addicted, they cannot stop drinking. The second stage of alcohol abuse begins to interfere with daily activities like work. It is said in the bible Noah planted a vineyard after the flood, the Greeks believed the god Dionysus brought them wine, and alcohol was used in many of the Mexican Indians ceremonies.

Also, one of the major findings of this study was buried in the results section. There is always a chance to fall off the wagon. If this also fails, then the person is put into rehabilitation center where he is given expert attention and treated.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the number one treatment of alcoholism Wekesser,p. Free sample Sociology research papers and Sociology research paper examples can be used in instructional purposes only. Some religions, like Judaism and Christianity, wanted to keep alcohol sacred, so they made drinking too much alcohol into a sinful act.

An Introduction to Alcoholism

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By learning to distill alcohol they created whiskey, gin, rum, and others Grosshandler,p. Withdrawal from alcohol, in severe cases, can cause shaking limbs, hallucinations, and blackouts: This became a very lucrative business.

Three of the major forms of treatment are Alcoholics Anonymous, psychological treatment, and substance abuse clinics. We have compiled some tips for you to deal with your Alcoholism research paper— The symptom- as already noted, alcoholism is a disease.

Eventually the high is hardly present.

An Introduction to Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease that most alcoholics will admit never goes away. The ultimate goal of alcoholism treatment is to enable the patient to achieve lasting abstinence. Social damage caused by alcoholism. There is also an occasional abuser that drinks with a full purpose of getting drunk Grosshandler,p.

The police have the drunk driver attempt to walk a straight line and then cross their legs in the format of a number four. The tradition of alcohol drinking: It stresses the amount of work they must put in for the program to work for them.

Some people become delirious or cannot sleep. Place your order now! When people get drunk they often have trouble doing simple tasks such as walking. It is practiced by the drinker, along with the other steps for the rest of their life.

Chronic Alcohol Abuse can cause severe and permanent damage to the brain Monroe,p. It is widely accepted that there is a genetic predisposition toward alcoholism.Feb 26,  · The research results will demonstrate that alcoholism is a disease and support this notion with overwhelming evidence.

Conclusion In short, alcoholism is a. Alcohol is not an ordinary commodity. While it carries connotations of pleasure and sociability in the minds of many, harmful consequences of its use are diverse and widespread. If the format of the work required is a research paper you should follow this structure: an abstract, introduction, research problem statement, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion and references.

Alcoholism Research Paper

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Alcoholism, like any addiction, is a chronic disorder which involves continued use despite negative consequences and requires ongoing treatment and management.

Picking a Topic for Writing Your Research Papers on Alcoholism

This research paper will cover many aspects of alcoholism including the causes and effects of drinking and different treatment approaches. Alcohol is not an ordinary commodity. While it carries connotations of pleasure and sociability in the minds of many, harmful consequences of .

Alcoholism research paper conclusion
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